January 2013: Important news

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Hello and welcome to the Glamorgan 1:1 website.

Thank-you for your continuing support, which is very much appreciated.

The financial services industry in the UK is having to adapt to some seismic changes with the introduction of the retail distribution review (RDR) at the beginning of January 2013. You may have read about this review in the press, but I’d like to reassure you that Glamorgan 1:1 has been structured to embrace these changes for some time. The RDR will have no effect on the way we look after our existing clients.

We are in the process of upgrading your personalised websites to allow you to view all of your financial information in the one place, which will include a real time view of your existing bank accounts, credit card statements and mortgage information. We also hope to be able to offer a Cash ISA facility in the near future.

We will be upgrading the company website to include some commentary on any news which you may find interesting.

Our short term aim is to visit each and every client to run through how we are improving the service we are offering.

Very best wishes for the new year,
Martin Kelland

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