Glamorgan 1:1 Financial is passionate about helping people achieve their financial dreams. Whether you want to set aside money for a rainy day or you are saving for something special we can help…

Direct Offer ISAs

We can now help clients achieve their dreams through the use of our ‘Direct Offer ISA service’. This service allows clients to access some of Glamorgan 121’s favourite funds which can potentially provide greater returns than banks and cash ISAs can offer with no advice fees.
There is no need to meet up with advisers, no need to fill in any paperwork, they are low cost and easy to set up. Get started here.

Impulse Save

Another way Glamorgan 121 can support the achievement of our client’s aspirations is through the use of ‘Impulse Save’ technology. Impulse save technology is drastically changing the way people save. It allows you to instantly add as little as one pound to your investments using your laptop, tablet, smart phone or smart watch. Money can be added to your investment by the click of a button, whenever you want, wherever you are, assisting you to reach your goal.

Don’t Waste Time

The earlier you start putting money aside for your future, the more time it has to grow. For more information or advice on savings and investments please get in touch.